Find the Jelly

Getting today’s high-energy kids settled in for Savasana (resting) at the end of class, one tells me, “Savasana is boring.”
“It can really feel that way at first,” I agree. “So boring. But it’s kind of like a jelly donut. When you first bite into a jelly donut, it just seems like a regular donut, but if you keep eating, you’ll get to the jelly. When you first start Savasana, it might feel boring, but if you stick with it, you’ll get to the peaceful feeling in the middle. It feels good to relax.” I have about 2 seconds to bask in the glory of my impromptu metaphor. jelly donut
“But I don’t like jelly donuts,” says another kid.
“Me neither! Ew!” chime in a few others.
“Well then you can have a peanut butter donut,” one kid offers.
“No. People have peanut allergies. Peanut butter donuts could be dangerous,” her friend says.
“You know which donuts I really like? Those ones that are chocolate.” “I like the sprinkles!” “MUNCHKINS! YES!”
“Guys! Enough donut talk. Get comfortable. Listen to the music, and let yourself be quiet for a few minutes.”
A few more donut-related comments pop out, but within two or three minutes, everyone is resting. The room is quiet.
I move around the circle, giving every kid a gentle, relaxing shoulder press. A girl opens one eye, looks up at me, and whispers, “I found the jelly!”
So sweet.

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